Camera inspection software

To help you perform professional inspections with ease.

Protect against fraud

Distribute your reports over the cloud and make certain everybody gets the same reports.

EU standards compliant

Fully supports the European sewer inspection standard EN 13508-2. With the possibility to modify definitions.

Easy to use

A simple, easy to use and intuitive interface that is optimized for keyboard, mouse & touch.

Digital & analog

Supports all new digital cameras but can also still work with classic video capture cards like VITEC.

In the cloud and ready for 5G

In these times of corona, remote and tele working is becoming ever more important. Thanks to the cloud module, it's possible to stream the video and collaborate on the same inspection from different places.

By making your inspection results available on the cloud platform, you are certain everybody gets to see the same data and your customers are able to get their information much faster and more secure.

Your customers also get a much more in-depth view, and with that, hopefully knowledge of the data.

And last but not least, all your inspection results are backed-up at an external location (offsite), providing an extra layer of security to your company.

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All offerings contain the main recorder application and a desktop viewer. You can view the online version with a browser as a webpage or from the desktop applications.

Prices are per license. Licenses are assigned per user. Contact us for discounts on bulk orders.


890valid for 1 year€450 to renew license

With this application, you are able to record and play back video, tractor data and observations. There's also a desktop application included to only view the results.

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Perpetual license

5,900valid for ever15 years of updates

This license offers the same features as the stand-alone version but it remains valid for ever. You save on anual renewal fees but keep the certainty of the last available update.

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1,490valid for 1 year€850 to renew license

Contains everything in the stand-alone package and adds access to the cloud platform.

Stream your video live over the internet and collaborate online on the same inspection. Additionally gives you a fast and secure distribution channel and an external backup site of your data for 3 year.

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* All prices are excl VAT, where applicable.