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The origin story

CAM-I's roots

CAM-I has been designed by Elastetic originally for the sewer inspection company ITDV. They were looking for a modern solution that would allow them to collect and report the data results according to the European specifications and which would allow them to perform inclination measurements of sewer systems so that they could easily detect potential flooding problems.
In order to guarantee the continued growth of the solution, they gracefully allowed the application to be commercialized. And since those fledgling days, the application has matured steadily, with new features being added monthly.
In case you are curious, to the right you can find a screencast of the very first version in action. The interface was still quite basic back then, but most of the core elements were there already.

About the creator

Elastetic is a software development company specialized in automation and the development of (industrial) software. Started by Jan Bogaerts in 2017, originally as a general consultancy and development firm. Soon though, the decision was made to focus specifically on the development of the CAM-I product and platform.