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Hardware and features

In more detail

View live tractor data to easily detect locations with potential puddle formation. Tractor data can be recorded while driving forward and backward.

Setup and store your different hardware configurations and screen layouts once and easily reload it again so that you can have 1 system using different hardware setups.

The application can generate photo's, sonar & lidar images, pdf, xml reports and text on video for distribution both from the desktop application as well as the cloud.

Perform distance, angle, depth, distortion and volume measurements on the video screen with live or recorded data. Thanks to the overlays, it becomes super simple to perform complicated measurements on the screen. When available, the app will use the laser for dinstance measurements.

Provides visual feedback for continuous observations such as deformations. Quickly see which observations are still open or in error. Close continuous observations with 1 click of the mouse or automatically when the recording stops.

Dashboard and inclination view

Add the emails of users or organizers that get access to to the projects. See who has opened them and who hasn't.

Select all the projects that you want to create reports for and publish to the cloud. Perform a bulk operation and send out many projects at once.

Before publishing, the system performs a spell check and automatic correction & standardization on location names by using google maps. (All changes are tracked and can be undone)

Do a geographic search on terms such as a principality name, province, region or state and that in a different language than that of the inspector.

project overview